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Mary’s Center Launches D.C. Child Care Reopening Fund in Partnership With Five Foundations

The COVID-19 pandemic has put severe strain on child care providers across the country due to factors such as lost revenue, increased costs for cleaning and sanitation, and limited support from federal, state and local programs designed to help small businesses and child care programs weather the crisis.

In response to this urgent need, as the District of Columbia and surrounding states begin to reopen, Mary’s Center is partnering with five foundations, including [your foundation], to establish and administer the D.C. Child Care Reopening Fund. With funding of $1 million, the new fund will provide four months of sustained support for 115 licensed home-based child care programs and small child care centers. This support will include cash assistance, technical assistance for implementing new D.C. guidelines for child care providers, and personal protective equipment.

Read the full announcement here. Providers can learn more about the new fund and apply here.

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