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Finding Calm in the Chaos: A Three Part Self-Paced Series from

Conscious Discipline


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Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and disorganized? Restore feelings of calm, connectedness, and organization with this self-paced three-part series. This is a Conscious Discipline presentation. More information and resources available at

1. Finding Calm in the Chaos Series: Feeling Unsafe and Overwhelmed? The brain functions optimally when we feel safe. Obtaining a felt sense of safety for ourselves first is a must. In this session, explore strategies for self-care that will benefit you, as well as the children and other adults in your life. Let's bring a felt sense of safety into our chaotic world, one day at a time.

2. Finding Calm in the Chaos Series: Feeling Disconnected and Overwhelmed? Connections on the outside with other people, build neural connections in the brain. Connection wires the brain for optimal development; however, connection in our current world is becoming more challenging due to the current health crisis. In this session, explore strategies to navigate today’s challenges and meet your personal connection needs, as well as the needs of children and other adults. Connected together, we are better!


3. Finding Calm in the Chaos Series: Feeling Disorganized and Overwhelmed? The brain is pattern-seeking and needs predictability to feel safe and function optimally. In our current health crisis predictability has become a challenge due to the many changes we are experiencing on a daily basis. In this session, explore strategies to organize the chaotic moments and transform them into moments of organized, productive brilliance! Let’s shift our focus from what we can’t do, to what we can do!

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