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March 2020

Glarios Day of Care

Always willing to help parents looking for loving and reliable daycare, Mrs. Gloria Green began her work in child care as the neighborhood babysitter. After years of providing drop-in care, Mrs. Green was encouraged by her neighbor to seek licensing and become a full-time family provider. In 2006 Mrs. Green finally did this with the opening of Glarios Day of Care. Immediately after the opening of Glarios, Mrs. Green enrolled at the University of the District of Columbia, earning an Associate's degree and then a Bachelor’s. Furthering her efforts to build quality daycare, Mrs. Green also became involved in National and Local Family Child Care Associations.


Mrs. Green credits her success to years of building great relationships with families who return generation after generation to place their children and grandchildren in her care. Her own family has played a big part in her success as well. As Mrs. Green went through a strenuous bout with cancer in 2019, Glarios Day of Care continued without interruption. Mrs. Green credits her daughter Angela Pringle and sister Vickie Green with stepping in during that period to provide the loving and reliable care that her families count on. Now cancer-free, Mrs. Green feels blessed to continue to reach families in her broader community.

Rock the New Year 2020 Campaign - Week 1

January 2020

Sunshine Early Learning Center

Celebrating 51 Years of Service to the Community

When Ms. Frances J. Rollins began operating Sunshine Early Learning Center (Sunshine) in 1968 with her mother Mrs. Helen Smith, there were six children enrolled in the program. They were the only staff members, so both ladies took turns teaching, cooking, and cleaning. From that humble beginning, Sunshine in Southeast, DC has grown to include 200 enrolled children and 35 full-time staff members.


As the center's demands grew, Ms. Rollins identified a need to train ECE educators. That’s why in 1994, Ms. Rollins founded the Southeast Children’s Fund, a nonprofit which concentrates on ECE workforce development and family supports. Though times have changed, children have grown, and staff have come and went, Sunshine has maintained its purpose by staying rooted in six core values: excellence, diversity and inclusion, lifelong learning, partnership collaboration, respect, and professionalism.


Another part of Sunshine’s success is maintaining a bevy of long-serving staff and employees. Ms. Cynthia Thomas (picture above on the left), also known as Ms. Cynthia, is an infant and toddler teacher that has been with Sunshine for 18 years. When asked why she remains a faithful employee, Ms. Cynthia said “Ms. Rollins hired me, believed in me, and encouraged me to continue my education. I came to Sunshine with a high school diploma and Ms. Rollins pushed me until I graduated college with an associate degree.”


As Sunshine reflects on and celebrates its past, Interim CEO Kamren Rollins is focused on growing Sunshine’s reach and Ms. Rollins’ vision. In the future, Sunshine is planning on expanding to include Kindergarten and a stand-alone charter elementary school from Pre-K through 5th grade. However Sunshine decides to chart its future course, it will do so by leading with and expecting excellence.


DCAEYC salutes Sunshine Early Learning Center and Southeast Children’s Fund as being a permanent fixture of excellence in the community for over 50 years.

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