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DCAEYC, Discount School Supply Partner for Supply Drive Benefiting Members in Liberia,West Africa

Updated: May 11, 2021

Saying this past year has been challenging because of the pandemic would be an understatement. While the arrival of vaccines and support coming through the American Rescue plan provides a light at the end of a tunnel, many in our community still need a lot of support. This doesn't just include those in Washington, DC. This also includes our ECE family in Liberia.

For several years, DCAEYC has been proud to have a cohort of members in Liberia. Because of the distance we're not able to engage with them as much as we'd like, so when we heard the pandemic was creating barriers to getting the supplies educators and young children there needed, we knew we had to help.

In collaboration with Discount School Supply, DCAEYC is hosting a Month of the Young Child supply drive to collect high-quality supplies for our DCAEYC members in Liberia. To contribute:

First Name: Discount Last Name: School Supply

Shipping Address: 20 Ryan Ranch Road Ste 200

City: Monterey

State: California

Zip Code: 93940-6439

  • Supplies will be redirected to DCAEYC so we can later ship them to Liberia.

Note: If you see a note asking if you want to “use corrected address,” use this option. This step will just format the address properly for shipping purposes.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions, please email Kathy Hollowell-Makle at

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